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Better backup benefits business

2018-04-25T10:36:27+00:0023 October 2013|IT news|

No one realises how much they rely on technology until something goes wrong. If your computer system goes into meltdown, can you recover your data quickly and efficiently? Better still, do you know a company who can?

How to keep your children safe online

2018-04-25T10:39:45+00:0016 October 2013|IT news|

The internet has changed the world as we know it. It offers endless opportunities, and has altered the way we communicate forever. But this ever-growing freedom comes with its own risks, and the need to protect children and young people from inappropriate material online is a concern for parents and carers.

Top tips to avoid fake emails

2018-04-25T10:47:40+00:0025 September 2013|IT news|

Fake emails don’t just clutter up your inbox – they can leave your computer system vulnerable to viruses. These fake messages – often called ‘phishing’ emails – are designed to

Who do you turn to?

2018-04-25T10:57:34+00:002 February 2012|IT news|

None of us realise just how much we rely on technology until something goes wrong. But who do you turn to when your computer system goes into meltdown? And are

The importance of backup

2018-04-25T11:02:27+00:0025 January 2012|IT news|

We recently had a visit from a client whose laptop had suffered hard disk problems. Unfortunately, as there was no backup available, we had to try to recover the data on the hard