No one realises how much they rely on technology until something goes wrong. If your computer system goes into meltdown, can you recover your data quickly and efficiently? Better still, do you know a company who can?

All Priority IT clients can benefit from our secure managed backup service, which combines the convenience of cloud-based backup with the reliability of onsite backup to ensure your data is safer than ever before.

The cloud can provide an offsite backup in the event of a disaster, but it’s often less reliable than it should be, and can even clog up your internet service.

What’s more, the data from your cloud backup is held in a data centre in the UK or overseas, and getting your data back quickly when a disaster occurs can be difficult.

Most cloud services only backup documents and data. Priority IT backup clones your entire server, laptop or desktop. Backups are taken every 15 minutes, and data is encrypted and stored at our Trowbridge office.

In the event of a disaster, Priority IT can restore your data quickly and efficiently

What’s more, we keep an encrypted copy of all data at your own office, so if you accidentally delete a file, it’s easy and fast to restore.

Our flexible backup solutions can be tailored to the needs of your business. If you have a second office or home office and prefer to store your data offsite, just ask – we’ll be happy to help.

For more information on Priority IT backup – or any other aspect of our affordable, reliable IT support – call our friendly team on 01225 636000, or email