We offer proactive IT support that gives you complete peace of mind at an affordable price. We also offer programming services to help you streamline day-to-day tasks, and install business phone systems that enable you to cut costs and improve your service.

Your virtual IT department

Too many businesses muddle along without professional IT support. Struggling to fix a slow-running server can be time-consuming and expensive, investing in new hardware without specialist advice can be hit and miss, and the catastrophic results of a complete loss of data – well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Employing the wrong IT support company can be just as bad. Slow response times, confusing advice, and a lack of understanding of your business could leave you feeling that you’re better off managing alone.

If you’re struggling to manage your computer system – or your experience of other IT support companies has left you feeling let down – we’ll come to your rescue.

You can call upon Priority IT to provide as much or as little help with your IT as you like. As shown below, our range of IT solutions extends from proactive IT support and database programming through to the supply of business phone systems and the provision of interim IT managers.

The breadth of our skills and the flexibility of our service means that many of our clients now think of us as their virtual IT department, existing outside of their business but working as an integral part of it.

Professional IT support

We offer made-to-measure, proactive IT support that gives you complete peace of mind at an affordable price.

Our approach means that whether you’re a sole trader, a small start-up or an established SME, you’ll receive the same high level of care and expertise.
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Backup and restore

No one realises how much they rely on technology until something goes wrong.

With our help, if your system goes into meltdown, or someone accidently deletes something important, you can recover your data quickly and efficiently.

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FREE IT health check

Our FREE comprehensive IT health check will help to inform important decisions about your IT system, and prioritise the actions you should consider to keep your system secure, running smoothly and relevant to the needs of your business both today and tomorrow.

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Interim IT managers

If your business has its own IT department or IT manager, but you need temporary cover for holidays or during periods of sickness, we can help.

We can provide interim, expert support that is tailored to suit the aims and requirements of your business. To find out more, please get in touch.

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To learn more about our IT solutions, call our friendly experts on 01225 636000, or email support@priorityit.co.uk

We have been using Priority IT since 2016. They offer support across five branches in Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset. We have always found them to be responsive, efficient and knowledgeable. Communication is excellent and nothing seems too much trouble.”

Sam Rose, Managing Director, Skills Direct

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