Many people don’t realise how much they rely on technology until something goes wrong. With our help of our server backup and restore services, if your system goes into meltdown, or someone accidently deletes something important, you can recover your data quickly and efficiently.

Don’t just rely on cloud backups!

The cloud can provide an off-site backup in the event of a disaster, but it’s often less reliable than it should be, and can even clog up your internet service. What’s more, the data from your cloud backup is usually held in a data centre in the UK or overseas, and getting your data back quickly when a disaster occurs can be difficult.

Discover Priority IT’s secure, managed backup service

All Priority IT clients can benefit from our secure managed backup service, which combines the convenience of cloud-based backup with the reliability of on-site backup to ensure your data is safer than ever before.

Whereas most cloud services only backup documents and data, Priority IT’s backup service clones your entire server, laptop or desktop. Backups are taken every 15 minutes, and they are encrypted and securely stored at our Trowbridge office.

Enjoy business continuity, not fuss and bother

We also offer ‘restore rehearsals’, where we restore your server’s backup to one of our test servers. This process gives a clear demonstration that the backup is working correctly, and, importantly, gives you an accurate measure of the time it would take to get you up and running again should the worst happen.

All of this means that whether you encounter a minor mishap or a complete disaster, we can restore your data quickly and efficiently, allowing your business to carry on with the absolute minium of disruption.

To learn more about our server backup services, call our friendly experts on 01225 636000, or email

Priority IT’s ability to talk through issues with our staff in non-computer speak helps us to better understand our IT requirements and ensure our systems can cope with our future business needs.”

Michelle Norton, Office Manager, Wye Valley Brewery

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