Over the weekend one of our clients suffered hardware failures which lead to a number of system files becoming corrupt, although the server would start up, many systems were malfunctioning.

After trying to repair the system, it became clear the only option, was to revert to the last backup.

Fortunately for the client they had invested in our recommended backup solution, which creates a snapshot of the server. We are able to recover the server to a previous snapshot, within 40 minutes the server was restored.

At Priority IT, we recommend you always have a robust backup system which can create ‘snapshot’ backups. Both Symantec and Acronis software backup using snapshot technology, Microsoft now also includes this technology in Windows 2008 Server R2.

Please Note: It is also essential to ensure backups are taken off site and are regularly tested.

If you would like to discuss or test your backups, please call us on 01225 636000 to discuss your data security requirements.