None of us realise just how much we rely on technology until something goes wrong. But who do you turn to when your computer system goes into meltdown? And are you sure they’ll deliver?

We recently had a phone call from a potential new client who needed help – and fast. Their server had failed and they needed someone on site immediately to investigate. They’d had to send their staff home, and their current IT support company couldn’t help until later that day.

We arrived within the hour, and soon discovered that the server had suffered a hardware failure. After reconfiguring the network to provide the remaining staff with email and internet access, we returned to our workshop with the broken server. This enabled us to prepare a loan server, run hardware tests and potentially fix the fault at the same time.

Due to the age of the server, the fault couldn’t be fixed. Fortunately the data on the server was unaffected by the fault – we were able to run the company’s broken server on our loan server, which we installed first thing the following morning. We then spent the rest of the morning ensuring all users were happy, and rectifying other system issues.

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